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Rob McHale

26th October, 2023 - 8pm

Rob McHale is a North Carolina-based Folk-Americana artist whose songs can take you through a small town, down a dirt road or on an historical journey – and bring you back home again.

Rob performs solo internationally, and regionally with his band featuring his brother Pat on harmonica, Frank Berridge on bass,  and Peter McCranie on resonator guitar.

Rob’s was awarded ” Folk Artist of Year 2019 ” by the International Music and Entertainment Association. His latest release *Prophets on the Boulevard*  was awarded ‘ Folk Album of the Year 2019 ‘ , and was in the Top 100 Folk Albums on the Folk DJ Airplay Charts, it reached #8 on the Folk DJ Charts and held the #9, , 11, and 23 songs. *Tom Dooley and Friends* (October 2016 ) reached #8 on the Folk DJ Charts in October of 2016 and held the #2 and #9 songs. In 2015 Rob won 2nd Place in the Woody Guthrie Song Competition and earned a place on the Main Stage at the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival.

In April of 2021 Rob was featured on the cover of the legacy music magazine ‘ Music an Sich ‘, Berlin, Germany with an accompanying interview inside.

Rob has partnered with Charlotte Corbin Barnes, Author ‘The Tom Dooley Files'(2016) for presentations in Historical Societies. libraries, and other venues. The presentations are combination shows with an introduction to the Tom Dooley Legend by Mrs. Barnes followed by a concert with mainly historical song content,( Blair Mountain, Jesse James, General George Custer, small towns, Anne Bonny, Woody Guthrie, The Castlebar Races, Woody Guthrie, etc. from his previous and future releases, followed by a book signing.

Rob often incorporates storytelling in some of his shows and has also told the Legend of Tom Dooley at the grave of Laura Foster at the Happy Valley Fiddler’s Convention since 2017.  He has also published a podcast on the legend ‘ The Real Tom Dooley Story ‘.

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