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Forgaitherin' with Jim & Jack

26th September 2024 - 8pm

Having formed in 2013, Forgaitherin’ have now performed at folk clubs and events all over Scotland over the past 11 years and have continued to develop their own style during that period. They are Lesley and Hugh toner, John Reid and Hamish Grant, all based in north east Fife.

Their sets consist of strong vocals with multi-instrumental backing, group harmonies, contemporary and traditional material including chorus songs.


A recent review of their performance by Ian Walker described the night as being:

 "A wonderful, wonderful evening! Their choice of songs was just brilliant - unusual, classy and unexpected, presented in a warm, engaging, powerful way.  It's a while since I can honestly say that I’ve been captured like this - song after song for a whole night. First class!"

The group are retiring at the end of 2024 but are delighted to be performing at Crail Folk Club once again, for one last time.

John Graham (Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Bass, Vocals)


John started playing Folk Music in the 1960’s. He served as president of Glasgow University Folksong Club. In 1968 he founded the ‘Clydesiders’ along with Sandy Kelso and Campbell Forrest.


The band remained active for over 30 years, albeit with a number of personnel changes, until 2000, with John and Sandy still at the helm.


During their career the band made a number of albums for Scottish Record companies Lismor, KRL and REL. They appeared regularly on TV and Radio including such programmes as STV’s Thingummyjig and Shindig, Highway with Harry Secombe, and the Terry Wogan Show.


In the eighties they appeared annually in the stage show ‘The Pride of the Clyde’ at the Kings Theatre Glasgow.


Initially the fiddler with the band John developed into a multi-instrumentalist on Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar and Bass Guitar. He also shared the vocal duties.


In 2012 the band staged a reunion concert at the ‘Fintry Music Festival’ and brought out a new album ‘Scottish Folk Songs of the West’ on the Scotdisc label in 2013.


In addition to his duo work with Jim, John has worked as a session musician playing on albums by Katie Kross, Cateran and Suzie Graham and on the latest album by the ‘Ian Walker Band’, ‘Just One More Chorus’. In addition he plays in a number of bands including ‘The Grouchos’ and ‘The Fogartys’.


John has played a number of gigs with the Ian Walker Band recently sitting in on Fiddle, Mandolin and Bass Guitar




 Jim Jack (Guitar, Vocals)


Jim first picked up a guitar when he was fifteen years old.


In 1963, during the folk revival in Edinburgh, Jim became very interested in both contemporary and traditional folk music and bluegrass.


He formed a duo ‘The Portlands’ and played the folk venues in Edinburgh. They continued to play together until 1966.


By  1969 Jim had moved to Glasgow and joined a band ‘The Travelling People’ which then became ‘Carterhall’.


Carterhall were resident in the Doune Castle beerkeller for several years and also played many venues in the folk club circuit. The band made two albums; ‘I Wish You Could See’ and ‘Carterhall Live at the Doune Castle’. The band performed until the late 70’s.


In the 80’s and 90’s Jim played in Rock Bands ‘None The Wiser’ and ‘The Duvets’.


John and Jim have been playing together for the last ten years and their act evokes much of the spirit of the folk revival with ample opportunities to join in choruses and a fair smattering of humour.


The Duo released their first album as a duo ‘Sae Will We Yet’ in May 2018. They have just recorded a second album ‘The Darkening West’ which was released in May 2022.

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