The Lasses

The Lasses have been playing together since 2012, when they met at a folk song session in Amsterdam. Sophie learned to sing traditional songs at The Royal Oak in Edinburgh, so she was well versed in Scottish folk, while Margot learned the American repertoire of traditionals from years of busking all over Europe. At that first meeting the women noticed how well their voices blend together and how much both love to sing songs with a good story, no matter if they are from the Appalachian hills, from English moors or Scottish highlands. After that first meeting things quickly went out of hand: The Lasses were invited by Luka Bloom to play in Ireland, toured the US twice with Portland-fiddler and songstress Kathryn Claire and recorded two albums with a third one on the way. 

fRoots wrote about their second album: “Clear-sighted treatments of songs from the US, Ireland, Scotland and England showing their understanding and love of storytelling in a song. A grower, and rather recommendable” 

Since their beginnings at an Irish session in Amsterdam, lots of nice things happened to The Lasses, and some say, rightly so. Sophie Janna and Margot Merah sing together as if they were sisters; their voices blend together like a well-woven blanket, enveloping you in old songs from Scotland, England and America. When they stop singing, you reluctantly fold up the blanket, strangely feeling more alive from hearing all those tales of lives past and gone.

The Lasses bring their intimate ambiance with them wherever they play: a big festival stage, a crisp concert hall, historic folk club or cosy living room. Some of their favourite shows from the last year: Roots aan de Zaan, Festival Pastorale, Aprilfeesten, Green Grass Music festival, Torpedotheater, Festival Zwischen den Jahren, and of course their yearly USA-tour in the spring and church tour in the fall…

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